Skinny Water Site Casting at Tailing Reds

Site casting is one of the most challenging yet rewarding ways to fish. It is an exciting combination of hunting and fishing. Quietly stalking your game and at just the right moment presenting your lure in such as a way as to entice a strike can be very exhilarating – similar to “buck fever”. When everything comes together just right the payoff is very gratifying. Casting accuracy is of utmost importance. If you don’t do a lot of site casting I highly recommend you practice your casting before hitting the water. (If you’ve seen the Roadshow episode Polin’ The Flats, you’d know I should have followed my own advice) The shallow water around the spoil islands along the shores of Flour Bluff is directly adjacent to the deeper water of the Intracoastal Waterway. Redfish cruise the shallows feeding then retreat to the protection of the deeper water between snacks. Having your lure in front of them at snack time is the trick.

Here is a link to the map. Check out Kevin Shaw under “Who To Know” and visit “What To Throw” to find the equipment used.

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