One Pig, Happy Family

The feral hog population in Texas is exploding to the point of epidemic levels. Hard numbers are hard to predict – as of 2012, estimates of the feral hog population in Texas ranged from anywhere between 1 and 4 million, experts agree, there are a lot of hogs running wild and wreaking havoc across The Lone Star State and the numbers are on the rise.

Because of their destructive habits and potential to spread disease, feral hogs are a substantial liability to property, livestock, crops and pastures across the state and their numbers are continuing to increase because of their high reproductive potential and the lack of natural predators.

This group of feral hogs will likely double in the next four months.

With adequate nutrition, a feral hog population can double in 4 months!!!

Estimates are that these wild pigs cause $52 million in damage statewide each year. Feral swine are classified as non-game animals and can be hunted any time of year using any method. This has led to the birth of a new hunting industry — guided hog trips. While hogs eyesight is very poor, their other senses such as smell and hearing are very acute providing for a challenging hunt and the pay off is that their meat is very lean and tasty. In this day and age, most land owners are more than happy to allow hunters to help control their hog populations so the opportunity for year-round hunting is typically as easy as a knock on a door or a phone call.

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