Destination: Uncertain

Uncertain, TexasYou won’t plan a trip to Uncertain, Texas for the modern conveniences, the night life or the fine dining. Although there are some excellent mom and pop restaurants in town offering traditional and not so traditional down home cuisine, the only real attraction is the Texas/Louisiana border lake – Caddo and it’s surrounding beauty. And that is attraction enough. A visit to this historic little town in the piney woods region of East Texas is like a trip back in time. And to most, that is it’s main draw.

Ours was an impromptu, possibly desperate attempt to get a Roadshow episode at a time when pretty much the entire sate of Texas was under water. (See Roadshow Diaries entry) Despite many failed attempts to make a show relatively close to home, we decided to make a 500 mile roadie across the state through what seemed a never-ending deluge of thunderstorms, pelting rain and hail. It was mid July, which is a little late into the summer for the best fishing. Not because the fish don’t bite but because the further into summer you get the more the lake’s abundant vegetation takes over, limiting access to fishable water. Seemed we were up against some steep odds. But we were in good hands. Our guide Paul Keith knows the crooks and crannies of Caddo as well as anybody. He is who to know on Caddo. Be sure to give him a call when you plan your trip.

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